This week we continue our Instructor Highlight Series with the one and only Amy Kaczmarek! When she isn't on the podium showing off her diverse taste in music, she loves to spend time with her husband & kids....and loves to keep us laughing with her hilarious Facebook posts and Instagram stories! She's always striving to make someone smile and she does it well! We sat down with Amy to find out more about her and to finally learn how to properly pronounce her last name!  Read more to find out! 

What is your Personal Theme Song?
The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground because Humpty describes exactly what I look like and I don't dance any better than that either, haha!!

What is it about group fitness that you love? 
Connecting with and supporting those around me.

Amy with the #REVFAM after her very first Community Ride! 

Amy with the #REVFAM after her very first Community Ride! 

Why do you teach? 
SOOOOO many reasons!  The main reason is that - as a person who is EXTREMELY shy and anxious around people - I felt the need to grow as a person and to get myself out of my comfort zone. I have a tendency to isolate myself and I've found that it's not good for my personal mental health. Rev is filled with such supportive and encouraging people which made me feel a lot safer in attempting to step outside my little bubble. I still have my shy and anxious moments (alot of them) but I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to create connections with some really amazing people!

What is your favorite song for karaoke?
A duet of Islands in the Stream by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. I GET TO BE THE KENNY ROGERS IN THIS EQUATION!

Who is your real life mentor?  
My sisters (Erin and Delisse), My brother (Jared), & My husband (John).  They are the most lovable and kind hearted people I know so I try to be as much like them as possible. They just make this world and my life a better place.

What is your Best Tip for staying healthy?  
Make it fun and do it with friends or family who motivate and support you! 

What is your go-to post-workout snack?  
Bananas or a protein bar or shake.

young amy.jpg

What did you want to be growing up? 
Funnily enough I used to want to be a plumber or a carpenter.  Not that I had any experience with either--I was just handy with the plunger at my mom's house and one year I used hammer and nail to put Christmas lights on our front door and it was fun and I felt like this qualified me to be a carpenter.

What is your favorite move on the bike?  
The Full Fly, 2 count and 4 count tap backs.

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment?  
Helping to raise my kids, becoming a Rev instructor, and allowing myself to be vulnerable to people who care about me.

Dive bar or bottle service?  
Usually a dive bar...because then I probably won't feel the need to wear heels..

What was your first REV experience? 
My first class was with Mariell with one of my besties. There was a lot of cussing going on in my head!  It was hard but I stuck with it cause it was fun. I bought an unlimited month on Groupon and wanted to get my money’s worth! I’m so glad I did cause I'm in love with all things Rev!!

looking like humpty hump.jpg

Who inspires you?  
The riders and instructors at REV most definitely along with my family and friends.

What is one thing on your bucket list?  
Dressing up as Frankenfurter for Halloween.

Where did you grow up? 
Proud San Antonian, born and raised!

Last concert you went to? 
Taking Back Sunday/Coheed and Cambria

Next trip you’re planning to take?  
Taking our oldest to Las Vegas to celebrate his 21st birthday!

Last but not least - How the heck do you pronounce your last name? 
So Kaczmarek ... It's Polish & if you were to give it the full Polish gusto it would sound like
“Kotch-mot-ick” (But say it fast...Kotchmotick). But if you're just saying it just plain and regular it's more like “Kaz-mare-ick” ....So Kaczmarek! 

You can catch Amy on the Podium every Sunday at 8:15am! We heard she has something really fun planned for a Halloween Ride so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can book your bike now and ride it out with her next weekend!