Rev Fam! This week we are digging a little further into the life of Greg. When he isn't riding he narrates audiobooks and loves exploring the city with his fiance, Amanda. He started as a rider two years ago and rode his way right up to the you may be surprised to read about how things went during his first Rev experience! Read on for more...

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
70’s and 80’s horror movies, practical effects only.

What is it about group fitness that you love?
At first I just felt it helped to keep me accountable, but as I continued I realized it’s more than that. People of all different backgrounds working to achieve the same thing. Fitness may mean different things to the individual but in one room together we strive to be stronger, better, to be more.

Why do you teach?
The riders. I teach for them and them alone. I want my riders to succeed, no matter what that may mean to them. Whether it is a riders first class or 1000th, I am there to not only make a rider find their strength but to propel them to further challenges. I want to see not just a physical determination on the bike but establish a love for fitness and mental discipline. I have been inspired from so many classes I have taken, even on days I didn’t want to ride and then felt re-energized after a class and I hope to do the same every time I teach.

What is your favorite song for karaoke?
Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up! Next question.

What motivates you to do something hard?
I think like most people, I find some determination inside myself and want to conquer the fear of not being able to do something. I think I find the determination by surrounding myself with strong people who have overcome hard objectives and that inspires me to try and achieve the same successes in my own right.

What did you want to be growing up?
I wanted to be an actor/performer so badly growing up lol.

What is your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon?
Hanging out with my fiancé, doesn’t matter where or what were doing, as long I’m with her it’s a perfect day.

Greg and his Fiancé, Amanda

Greg and his Fiancé, Amanda

What is your favorite move on the bike? 
Figure 8. It used to be my least favorite but now I love the core work it creates, and when the right music hits it feels just like a dance.

Food you can’t live without?
Bacon, always craving bacon!

What do your feel is your biggest accomplishment?
Quitting my office job and becoming a full time voice actor.

What has been your best/favorite vacation so far? 
London with my then girlfriend (now fiancé) back in 2010.

What was your First REV experience?
I left after 20 minutes from exhaustion.  I realized how out of shape I was and wanted to change that.


What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Drink some type of hot beverage, mostly coffee but on days I feel exceedingly froggy voiced in the morning I will pick ginger tea.

Next trip you’re planning to take?
Honeymoon! So excited to share that with my then wife!

You can catch Greg on the podium nearly every day - but make sure not to miss his Friday Night Class, "Get Lit," at 5:30pm every Friday!