Kiran, our youngest instructor here at Rev, came to Texas all the way from Pakistan to pursue her higher education. Now armed with a Masters in Biology and hundreds of Spin Classes under her belt, we checked in with our pizza-loving, nap queen to find out what she's up to when she's not on the podium. 


What is your personal theme song? 
There’s a song by OneRepublic that a lot of people haven’t heard of. It’s called Everybody Loves Me; I listen to that and suddenly I’m fearless. It gets me hyped up for whatever I’m about to do. 

What is it about group fitness that you love? 
It’s that feeling of togetherness and accomplishment. Like, yes that was absolute torture but we did it together and we all got through it, you know? You find friends crazy enough to do it with you all over again and drag you out of bed if you’re being lazy. You’re surrounded by people who love/hate this just as much as you do, haha! Just makes it a thousand times better knowing you’re not alone!

Why do you teach? 
Omg you ask my riders and they’ll say it’s because I love to yell at them and maybe that’s a little bit true hahaha but on a more serious note, I hate cardio! I really do! So when I found spin and how amazing it was, I wanted to spread the joy. I want my riders to be able to feel the love I feel for spinning. I want to be able to make them see that they’re so much stronger than they think. They may hate me during class but the smile on their faces after class, knowing that THEY did THAT, it’s the best feeling.

What was your first REV experience? 
Back in 2016, my friend dragged me to a spin studio and I had absolutely no idea what I was in for. It was Saturday at 11:00am, I remember it was Dylan’s class and people were excited because they could use 5lb weights for the arm segment?? I was so confused by all the crazy enthusiasm but I understood once I was done with class. You work out without knowing you’re working out. You find friends like family. It’s support and encouragement like you’ve never felt before. And honestly, it’s only here at Revolution. To say I love this place would be the understatement of the century.

What motivates you to do something hard? 
I think about how I’m going to feel once I’m done with it, because I know it’ll be a good feeling. I achieved that, nobody came and did it for me. It’s like fast-forwarding to when I’ll get my reward. I know it’s weird but it helps me!

#REVFAM after Kiran's First Community Ride

#REVFAM after Kiran's First Community Ride

Tip for staying healthy?
Balance and moderation. You want those tacos? You eat those tacos! Don’t hate yourself afterwards, don’t regret it. Tacos taste good! And then go workout the next day. Nothing in excess is good, not food, not working out. As long as you have balance, trust me, your soul will be happy.

Favorite healthy food item:
I hate vegetables so I blend two cups of spinach and kale with a banana and a slice of pineapple, some flaxseed and water, and I drink the whole thing. I get my vegetables and it tastes like pineapple, I promise! Win-Win!

What is one food item you can’t live without? 
I have a pizza tattoo, why don’t you guess this one..!

What is your idea of the BEST Vacation? 
Any place that has a beach and a masseuse. Take me there and leave me for 5 days. That’s all I ask.

Favorite Quote? 
There are so many!! Currently: “He who says he can and he who says he can’t, are both usually right”

Favorite TV Show? 
Oh, Doctor Who. No question.

Where did you grow up? 
Karachi, Pakistan. There’s nothing like it. The food, the lights, the beach, the people!! I love it so much


First thing you do in the morning?
Honestly? Check my Instagram. Even if it’s before my 5:30 am class haha!

What are your pet peeves? 

You can find Kiran on the Podium every day this week (except Tuesday!) !!! - hop on over to the schedule here to book your bike. Check out Kiran's Spotify Mix below to hear some of her spin class faves. See you in the saddle!